Archaeological Research

IRCLAMA has been conducting a series of archaeological research in Istria (Bale, Guran) and the Quarnero islands (Cres, Rab) in the Northern Adriatic region, in successful cooperation with colleagues from Croatia and Europe (primarily France, Italy and Switzerland) since 1995. Through this cooperation archaeological and art-historical research of Croatian cultural heritage has been introduced into the sphere of the European research area.

During the last couple of years, the Centre has been implementing contemporary digital technologies in the process of scientific documentation and analysis of the sites, monuments and artifacts. The fieldwork has also involved numerous generations of students who have gathered valuable experience in the process of heritage research.

IRCLAMA’s archaeological sites in Croatia, where you can also find the related literature:

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Saint Mary the Great Velika (Vela Gospa) near Bale Monastery Complex (Istria, 1995-)

Fortified settlement of Guran near Vodnjan with surrounding churches (Istria, 2002-)

Saint Peter monastery, Osor (Cres island, 2006-)

Kaštelina, Roman villa (Rab island, 2005-2009)

Saint Cosmas and Damianus, Byzantine castrum (Rab island, survey 2009)

Saint Lawrence, Banjol (Rab island, 2015-2016)

Saint Peter, Supetarska draga (Rab island, 2016-)

“Ciprijanovo”, Gožinka (Rab island, 2017-)

Rab town: “Kuća rapske torte” (2015-2018)

Rab town: Benedictine Monastery of Saint Andrew (2015-2016)

Rab town: “Dorka” (2015-2016)

Rab town: Rab Geopark/Winter Cinema terrace (2019)