Ever since the beginning of its existence, one of the main goals of the IRCLAMA has been the dissemination of the knowledge among Croatian and foreign scientists and experts, as well as the general public and local communities.
That goal is achieved by a series of activities which the Centre leads or participates in:

– The organization of the annual IRCLAMA colloquia (26 in total) that have been gathering prominent experts and scientists from Croatia and Europe since 1994

Publication of scientific literature (scientific journals, books and proceedings) since 1995

– Organization and participation in numerous international projects with the goal to develop new methods and approaches to the process of knowledge dissemination, including the implementation of the digital technologies in the humanities

– The work of the library of the IRCLAMA, located at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, which is one of the best equipped Croatian libraries for the field of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

– Educational activities with students

– Organization of exhibitions and public lectures for the general public

– Expert workshops and seminars