IRCLAMA colloquium

Since 1994 IRCLAMA organizes annual international conferences for scholars and experts of various profiles from all over the world: archaeologists, art historians, historians, architects, museologists, conservators, antique law experts, liturgists, philosophers, historians of literature, anthropologists, sociologists, etc. The topics of the annual conferences allow a wide range of possible approaches from different areas of study. The papers from the conferences are peer-reviewed and published in the annual Hortus Artium Medievalium scientific journal.

            A great number of students always participate at the symposiums giving them a unique opportunity to establish first contacts with researchers from all over the world and in this way get insight into approaches and methods of scholarly research.

IRCLAMA conference topics:

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IRCLAMA I, Motovun, 1994. The Transition Between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

IRCLAMA II, Motovun, 1995. Tradition and Innovation in the Late Middle Ages (13th – 15th century)

IRCLAMA III, Motovun, 1996. Carolingian  and Ottonian Age

IRCLAMA IV, Motovun, 1997. Between East and West – from Iconoclastic Movement to Gothic Period

IRCLAMA V ,Motovun, 1998. Liturgical Installations from Late Antiquity to the Gothic Period

IRCLAMA VI, Motovun, 1999. Le siècle de l’an Mil

IRCLAMA VII, 2000. Acceptance or Rejection of Gothic

IRCLAMA VIII, Poreč – Split, 2001. Carolingian Europe

IRCLAMA IX, Poreč, 2002. L’édifice cultuel entre les périodes paléochrétienne et carolingienne

IRCLAMA X, Poreč, 2003. La représentation de la mort de l’antiquité tardive à la fin du moyen âge

IRCLAMA XI, Motovun, 2004. The Altar from the 4th to the 15th century

IRCLAMA XII, Motovun, 2005. The Town in the Middle Ages

IRCLAMA XIII, Motovun, 2006. Elites and Architectures in the Middle Ages

IRCLAMA XIV, Motovun, 2007. Rural Churches in Transformation and the Creation of Medieval Landscape

IRCLAMA XV, 2008. Le Sanctuaire et ses aménagements

IRCLAMA XVI, Motovun, 2009. Renaissances Médiévales

IRCLAMA XVII, 2010. Spolia in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages – Ideology, Aesthetics and Artistic Practice

IRCLAMA XVIII, 2011. 1. Corpus architecturae religiosae europeae / 2. Mausolées et églises, IVe-VIIIe siècle

IRCLAMA XIX, 2012. Le monachisme insulaire du IVe à la fin du XIe siècle

IRCLAMA XX, Poreč, 2013. Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Europe: 20 Years of Research

IRCLAMA XXI, Poreč, 2014. Performing Power Through Visual Narrativity in Late Medieval Europe: an Interdisciplinary Approach

IRCLAMA XXII, Poreč, 2015. Mobility of Artists, Transfer of Forms, Functions, Works of Art and Ideas in Medieval Mediterranean Europe: the Role of Ports

IRCLAMA XXIII, Zadar, 2016. Living and Dying in the Cloister. Monastic Life from the 5th to the 11th Century

IRCLAMA XXIV, Pula, 2017. CARE (Corpus Architecturae Religiosae Europae, IV-X saec.) – Meaning and Use of Corpora

IRCLAMA XXV, Poreč, 2018. A quarter of a century of history of medieval art in Europe, between two centuries: the critical approaches crossed

IRCLAMA XXVI, Poreč, 2019. Luminosa saecla / The Luminous Centuries. Lighting Systems in Churches Between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

IRCLAMA XXVII, Rab, 2020. Liturgical Installations and Their Sculpture (4-15 c.)

IRCLAMA XXVIII, Rab, 2021. Medieval Humanisms, Medieval Renaissances – Do They Exist and How are They Manifested Between Antiquity and the Renaissance